For all needs from umbrella OEM to Signature prints, you can count on Kasa Sou Honke for original umbrellas.

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"Our dream is to bring happiness to the world through
our prided umbrellas.
" With this idea in mind we have continued to provide
our customers with umbrellas.

We want to aid customers who wish to create a certain type of umbrella,
their own original umbrella, and those who want to create umbrellas but don't have the means to.
In order to do this, we have our own factory in China, enabling us to handle the complete process from planning and design, to OEM production, as well as production-only requests.
With the know-how and techniques from many years of experience, backed by our support system, we are able to produce original umbrellas and manufacture umbrella OEM.

Our staff is equipped to support even customers
who have no experience in creating
original umbrellas, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Kasa Sou Honke?

Planning, design, and integrated production for umbrellas and sun parasols

At Kasa Sou Honke we handle everything from planning, design, and
production of umbrellas and sun parasols right here at our company.
We are here to support even customers designing
their first umbrella and those who have
no knowledge of the process.
Working off of our extensive past experience,
we work to meet our customers needs.
We are also equipped with a design room to work alongside
our customers in designing and planning,so please feel free
to contact us with even your most detailed requests.

Our factory's experienced craftsmen create high quality umbrellas

自社工場 We are the only manufacturer in Japan with our own factory
in China and the staff, techniques, and materials to provide
Made in Japan quality items.

We have experienced craftsmen from Japan regularly staffing
our factory in China, allowing us to produce umbrellas
with the techniques and passion that we would from within Japan.
We handle everything from detailed requests to small lot OEM
orders via our own factory.

Small lot orders (240+)

自社工場 We have worked with a number of companies and facilities to create
original umbrellas.
We are more than happy to work with companies as well as
individuals to produce small lots starting at 240 count to
meet all needs. Our talented craftsmen work to create umbrellas,
sun parasols, and multi-purpose umbrellas to meet
both your needs and budget.

*240 is the smallest lot count for parts like poles and handles.